Founder and creator of the deeply personal and transformative 'Awaken Programme', Angus is a leader in the field of human evolution and spiritual development. He is profoundly driven by the belief that everyone has the capacity to live a life free from mental and emotional suffering; that we can all awaken through awareness and shift from suffering to peace.

Since 1999, Angus has practiced in the field of Mindfulness, or the Awakened Self, teaching spiritual truths in a very engaging and accessible way. Although he draws on his multi-therapeutic disciplines - as a therapist, teacher, counsellor and coach - he is at heart, a gatekeeper of humanity’s greatest open secret; that we can all learn how to become the witness to our thinking minds and step into a greater consciousness.

Angus’ personal awakening journey began in his late twenties. After working for a top magazine in London, he found himself burnt out, miserable and lost. He walked away from his career, his home and his relationship - with absolutely no plan.

It was then that he came into direct contact with his two primary teachers Eckhart Tolle (Power of Now) and Ajahn Sumedho (Abbott of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery) and his life was never the same again.

In 1999, he began teaching yoga and meditation in UK prisons and went on to found Battersea Yoga, one of London’s most beautiful studios - with a thriving community of thousands.

Angus has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to teaching the art of 'awakening through awareness'.

Alongside his popular podcast, 'Awaken with Angus', he is an internationally recognised speaker, visionary and healer - and author of two upcoming books; Nothing Will Satisfy You and The Book of Mirrors.